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April 30th 2015

1 bdrm apt stairs bot...

1 bdrm apt stairs both sides
May 1st 2015

Small move: Queen matt...

Small move: Queen mattress with basic metal frame, bed side table, 4 dressers, 2 chairs, canvas pictures, table, TV, small area rug and about 15 pre packed boxes.
April 30th 2015

We need help moving ou...

We need help moving our one-bedroom apartment including a queen mattress / box spring, three dressers, a book case, coffee table, small freezer, and our possessions moved. We already have a Uhaul booked, we are looking for helpers at this point. Thank you.
March 27th 2016

45 boxes bed dresser s...

45 boxes bed dresser sofa set and patio furniture 1 bdrm apt
March 23rd 2016

3700 sq ft Detached ho...

3700 sq ft Detached home 4 bedrooms garage and backyard Would like to make it in one trip if possible
March 22nd 2016

2 bdrm apt not alot o...

2 bdrm apt not alot of furniture mostly boxes
June 4th 2016

3 bdrm house 1 room is...

3 bdrm house 1 room is only storage no stairs at Richmond but some stairs in surrey needs to be done in one load if possible Some berds need to be takin apart , so tools would be helpful
August 1st 2015

1 double bed mattress ...

1 double bed mattress 2 book cases filled with books 2 smaller shelves 1 sectional sofa 1 sofa chair 4 dressers 2 bedside tables 1 patio sofa 1 patio chair 1 patio table 3 bar stools 2 chairs approx. 3 medium boxes of kitchenware approx. 5 medium/large boxes of clothes approx. 2 boxes of bedding 1 desk 1 table 2 ottomans 1 medium/large TV approx. 4~5 medium/large boxes of misc. items