Duylam nguyen ngo

Duylam Nguyen Ngo

Address: San Francisco, CA, United States

Email: duylam@monkeyinferno.com

Phone: +18043250070

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August 1st 2014

I need someone with a ...

I need someone with a truck and moving skills. My friend's truck broke and I need to move a small studio apartment worth of stuff (bed, small desk, boxes and a couple of chairs) from Japantown to Bayview this afternoon around 7:30, tomorrow after 6 or Sun after 6pm. Please let me know your rates to move my stuff. My back is not good, so I can't do much of the lifting, so I I'll need 2 people and a truck. I have a friend signed up to help tonight if you 2 can work together, but the truck w...