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I have only 3 items to move only 3.5 KM!: - 1 ...

I was a bit skeptical when I first logged onto this site - and was I ever wrong. You guys are FANTASTIC! I am absolutely thrilled with the service of Two Tall Guys Moving and Storage in Vancouver, BC. They were on time (actually, early!), incredibly polite and professional and they got the job done on time and on budget. What a pleasure to work with professionals. HIGHY RECOMMENDED!!!

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December 27th 2015

all dimensions in feet...

all dimensions in feet: wood bed frame & mattress 6x7 2 tables 5x3 3 bookshelves 6x3x1 2 IKEA shelf units, taken apart 4 small end tables/coffee tables 2 dressers 4x3x2 1 wood tv stand 4x2x1 2 IKEA wood armchairs 6 plastic fold-up chairs 2 equipment bags 3x1x1 1 microwave oven 1 bicycle 60 boxes, average size 2x2x1
December 28th 2015

Hi! I need to have a d...

Hi! I need to have a double bed moved from one location to the other, and i would also have to be at both locations to help move it. I know if sounds strange, but would it be possible to ride along with you to the dropoff location? (also, for those who have answered this a couple times, sorry about that. holidays n such)
March 31st 2016

Queen size bed and fra...

Queen size bed and frame. Futon. 2 Bookshelves. Stereo cabinet. Kitchen table and 4 chairs. Computer chair. 12 small boxes of books. 42" inch flat screen TV. 2 Bass Speakers. 10-12 boxes of housewares and clothes. 5 boxes of Comics. Assorted small house items.
April 4th 2016

i need a desk moved (n...

i need a desk moved (not sure the exact dimensions, something like 3.5 feet long and 2.5 feet deep). i would also need a ride back to the 2nd location, since i would have to be there to help load it.
June 28th 2016

I have only 3 items to...

I have only 3 items to move only 3.5 KM!: - 1 queen sized bed - 1 small TV - 1 low book shelf This is a very quick and easy move. 15 stairs total. PAY CASH!
October 1st 2015

This is a Ministry cov...

This is a Ministry covered move. One bedroom apartment moving to a single bedroom in a shared house. Elevator available at Royal Ave address; the destination address is a detached house, bedroom is in the basement. List of items: 1 dresser/chest of draws 3'x25"x16" 1 dresser with mirror 4'x28'x18" 1 wooden table top 3'x20"x2" 2 padded chairs 1 flat screen TV 2 DVD players 1 combo DVD & VCR 2 VCR players 2 fans 9 boxes 1 Toshiba TV 20" 3 suitcases 6 garbage bags 2 ta...