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Vancouver, BC, Canada
WE WILL PACK & MOVE YOUR ENTIRE HOME, All FOR ONE LOW PRICE. We provide all the packing materials and moving supplies: Moving boxes, Bins, Wardrobes, Packing paper, Mattress bags, Shrink wrap, Tape etc. WE DO ALL THE PACKING and MOVING. or!! if you prefer to do the packing yourself We will deliver all the packing materials and moving supplies: YOU DO ALL THE PACKING ,. We return on moving day and get the job done Fast!! PACK & MOVE, The New Stress Free Way to Move. BOOK YOUR MOVE NOW www.3manmoveteam.com
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Service Cost 50.0$

Fantastic, friendly. Considered several things in advance that I hadn't thought of. Quick and easy.

Local Move
7220 Adera Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada1330 West 14th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Service Cost 250.0$

Needs improvement, all the terms and conditions of the move contract werent disclosed upfront in the truckplease messaging section when asked. Mover asked us to find someone else after accepting the job but our date also changed due to a plumbing waterline burst in the new home.

Local Move
6658 Dow Avenue, Burnaby, BC, Canada16488 64 Ave, Surrey, BC, Canada

Service Cost 75.0$

We had the 3man move team move a treadmill for us and overall had a great experience. They communicated well and were on time. Thanks again for a great moving experience!

Local Move
403 Laurentian Crescent, Coquitlam, BC, Canada2200 Panorama Drive, Port Moody, BC, Canada

Service Cost 100.0$

Local move of a sofa from one house to another. They arrived on time, were very responsive to texts, were careful and friendly. I would definitely use them again.

Local Move
5100 Windsor Street Vancouver, BC, Canada1700 E14th Avenue Vancouver, BC, Canada

Service Cost 395.0$

Move Team was FANTASTIC. They were efficient, hard working and professional. I moved into a condo with very restrictive rules around the unloading process, and they were flexible to work within those constraints. Highly recommend.

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4515 West 15th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada1504-168 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2869 160A St, Surrey, BC V3S, Canada
Richmond to Delta
June 20th 2014
Richmond, BC, Canada
1038 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2771 Simpson Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3H6, Canada
840 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada
16421 64 Ave, Surrey, BC, Canada
629 E Cordova St, Vancouver, BC, Canada
738 East 29th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada
7351 Halifax Street, Burnaby, BC, Canada
403 Laurentian Crescent, Coquitlam, BC, Canada