December 10th 2017
V6G 2R8 -> V7N 3X9

A two bedroom apartmen...

A two bedroom apartment. We already packaged most of the items.
December 13th 2017
21202 -> 21218

Wood bed frame Dresse...

Wood bed frame Dresser Desk Two Ikea shelves (one large, one small) Two bookshelves Large mirror 15 medium boxes
December 9th 2017
37209 -> 37207

3 bedroom apartments

December 6th 2017
V6X 1Z7 -> V5S 4Y1

3 x 1000 Kg crates. 5...

3 x 1000 Kg crates. 5'x 5' x5' Picked up from shipping company in Richmond and brought to my storage locker in Vancouver on Marine Dr. The truck MUST be able to UNLOAD and assist with moving the Crates into the storage locker. Pallet Jack must be provided by driver (No Exceptions)
November 30th 2017
89169 -> 89101


November 30th 2017
21114 -> 10019

I need to take 4 boxes...

I need to take 4 boxes with books
November 30th 2017
V6Y 4B9 -> V6Y

Light Queen Bedframe, ...

Light Queen Bedframe, Mattress, Boxspring, Ikea Night-table, small 4x4 Kallax bookshelf 3 drawer chest of drawers Small Desk, Few rectangular Boxes / totes Clothes, couple small houseplants (Contents of small bedroom)
November 26th 2017
V6R 1J1 -> V5K 1A6

I need to move a regul...

I need to move a regular arm chair with a foot stool from Ikea from my old place to my new place. Its a very simple thing but I do not have a car. I can do either Saturday or sunday - and/or any other time within a weeks period. Thank you very much.
November 24th 2017
98118 -> 98070

Very small move. Date ...

Very small move. Date is flexible, could be the 25th if preferred. I will pay the ferry fare. If interested please respond with a quote to these details. 2 dressers 2 small cabinets 1 bookcase 12 wood "cubes" (18x22 shelves) 1 table 4 chairs Boxes No bed, no couch.
November 25th 2017
22201 -> 20011

- Queen-sized mattress...

- Queen-sized mattress, split Queen box frame, bed frame. - Solid wood dresser, two plastic drawer sets. - Small armchair. - Office chair. - Medium-sized desk. - Two folding bookshelves. - Small tray table. - TV stand. - Four small wooden chairs. - 7 framed posters/items. - Several boxes full of books, clothing, electronics, miscellaneous items.

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