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Make moving easier

Each of us has used a moving service at least once in our life. And we all know, how frustrating it can be, not only because you may bust your back while packing or moving some heavy boxes, but also when you get endless annoying calls from moving companies whose employees seem to pluck the prices for their services out of thin air. You have to provide a ton of additional information and survive the exhausting negotiation process that will frazzle the nerves when all you need is strong hands and a reliable vehicle to transport your things to a new location. But most importantly, you want the price for the service to fit your budget. It is no secret that moving companies can charge an exorbitant price, especially if they sense that you do not have plenty of options. Truck Please have found the solution to all these problems, and we can confidently say that the moving industry will never be same.

How it works


  • Create a customer account on Truck Please.
  • Compose a job post with a chosen inventory of services that have to be provided.
  • State your budget.
  • Check the bids placed by the moving companies or individuals.
  • Establish communication with the bidders that interest you.
  • Hire the most suitable contractor.

Service provider:

  • Create a service provider account on Truck Please.
  • Study the job post created by the customers.
  • Bid for the most lucrative job offers.
  • Start the conversation with a customer and persuade him or her to offer you a job.
  • If hired, provide the best services possible in order to build a solid reputation.

Our Mission

The goal of Truck Please is to reverse the customer-service provider relations in favor of the former and to make the moving process much easier, transparent, and less nerve-racking. No more nagging calls, no more narrow options, no more unsatisfactory services. Now the moving companies have to up their game, and even lower their prices, to land a job because at Truck Please they have to compete for the customer, and we all know that competition breeds excellence. We want to make the moving business fairer, safer, more customer-oriented, and more competitive.

Truck Please was developed to help:

  • Make the moving as trouble-free as possible. Picking a suitable service provider has never been easier. All you have to do is to register on the website, describe the job that needs to be done, and just wait for the suitable bidder.
  • Minimize the customers' expenditures of time and cash. Our platform allows a customer to save the precious time and money by picking the service provider from the bid list. You don't have to repeat the details regarding the moving job over and over again. Just fill the job proposal form and choose among appropriate bids placed by organizations or individuals.
  • Improve customer's privacy. Truck Please is taking the power out of the hands of the third party aggregates by allowing the customers to withhold certain personal information, for instance, telephone numbers, and conduct communication with the chosen providers only through our message board.
  • Expand the options for service providers and customers. With Truck Please you will get access to the broadest list of service providers, from the biggest moving companies in town to individuals who just want to make some extra money. From now on, you don't have to rely on an intermediary to land a job or to find a decent provider. Truck Please allows even the smallest player to enter the competition, while a customer with the tightest budget will get the service of a satisfactory quality.

Truck Please features an extensive list of services which can be provided by various moving companies:

  • Local, long-distance, and international moving. Truck Please will make sure that your possessions will be safely moved not only across the city or the territory of the United States but also abroad, even to such faraway destinations like Paris.
  • Auto transport services. Our platform allows you to order or offer services that involve auto transposition. Whether you need to transfer a small sports car or a large truck, Truck Please is the place where you will find the best contractor for the job.
  • Storage. Truck Please is also a place where you can find a company that will store your personal belongings, so they will be safe and secure for the desired period of time.
  • Hire/rent a truck. If you don't want to get involved with any company or feel uncomfortable when strange people handle your belongings, Truck Please offers an option of renting a truck. We provide you with the transport, and you do the moving all by yourself.
  • Moving help. If you don't have the time or desire to carry heavy boxes and bags, Truck Please will always help you find strong and careful men who will make sure that your possessions are being moved without a single scratch.

Last but not the least, Truck Please is absolutely free. Create a job or place a bid, and you will find out that the moving has never been so easy.