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Jon Easy Breasy Moving

Published: 16 October 2015
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Vancouver, BC
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It was my first time using your service so I was not sure what to expect. The mover provided a quote to my, what I thought was clear, instructions. I accepted his quote which he confirmed. I included in my instructions to meet at a set time on a set date only to find that at three minutes before the set time he apologized by email that he could not be there. In addition I learned that his price was based on curb to curb moving. It was extra charges to go in the apartment to get the fridge. Am I stupid to think that when describe wanting a refrigerator to be moved from an apartment to a house that I was to have the refrigerator at the side of the road?! I would not trust to use this person's service or his quotes.

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5800 Andrews Road, Richmond, BC, Canada10540 Railway Avenue, Richmond, BC, Canada

5800 Andrews Road, Richmond, BC, Canada