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Aaron was really helpful. Moved all my stuff with care and at a decent price.
Job Client
garbage removed, very grateful
Job Client
Did an awesome job. I'll use him again for my next move. Thank you TruckPlease.
Job Client
Great service. Prompt. Very nice guy!
Job Client
needs to be more punctual next time
Job Client
fantastic experience!
Job Client
Aaron was very professional and friendly. He called ahead of time to confirm move time, and when he was on his way. He was thorough and methodical in moving, very careful to make sure nothing got damaged. He dissembled my bed and reassembled it for me, which I think was above and beyond.
Job Client
Arind was great to work with! Offers fantastic rate but also provided excellent customer service!
Job Client
Karmakar Moving Services is not a "company" but rather comprised of one very enthusiastic and friendly guy. He spent the entire move complaining about the rain (isn't this Vancouver?) and how many more moves he had to do that day. After insisting he can move everything on his own, he enlisted the help of his poor driver who similarly could not believe how long everything was taking. After 9 hours for a one bedroom move, Arin did not apologize for his poor time management. He was unable to move my couch from the old apartment, which he explained he could have done without help if he had the time. Casualties of the move include: -Cracked TV stand. Didn't see this until after he left. -Torn corner on the couch that didn't get moved. This ocurred when he slid the couch around on it's side. He blamed me for not mentioning it would not fit in the elevator. -An IKEA dresser that simply disintegrated while being moved. He blamed the driver. -Abrasions on our dressers which were not not shrinkwrapped or blanketed. However, he did a great job moving our artwork and frog boxes. The artwork was well protected and the frog boxes kept our stuff safe. If it had only been those things perhaps the five hour load time he quoted one hour for would have gone faster. He shared with me himself that he frequently underestimates how long things will take. He spent a lot of time on the phone flat out lying to other clients he had booked that he was on his way and would only take a half hour. I was suprised that he felt comfortable being dishonest on speaker phone in our living room to a client. Overall, I wish Arin and Karmakar Moving Services a lot of luck because he is going to need it. He shared with me he has had employees quit on him in the middle of a move and I can believe it. I hope he and TruckPlease understand the value of feedback.
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